Spiritual Formation

“Free For All 2018”

Here is what I saw that night! As Sherry Osborne opened the doors of the church, folks came inside in waves. I saw them moving on to the ministries they chose; having their eyes examined, getting in line to see the dentist, posing for their family pictures to be taken, getting their hair cut, going to classes about finances, food handling, taking care of their babies. Then they went to the rooms where they could receive free food bags, free diapers and even car seats for their infants, the free yard sale, free information about how to get off illegal drugs, and a free meal for their families. Everyone seemed genuinely grateful, excited, and respectful of the church and of all who were there to help.
One of the sweetest experiences I had was meeting a five-year-old named Grace. Sherry Osborne had given me prayer baskets filled with prayer request cards, pencils and tracts. I put one on each table in the Fellowship Hall, and invited those around each table to put their requests on the cards. I met Grace at one of the tables. She asked to pray together in a corner, which we did under the watchful eye of her mom. Her baby sister, and her papaw had both died that year and she wanted prayer that she would see them again in Heaven. She also wanted to know if God loved her. We prayed out loud for her concerns and then asked God about His love. She told me, “He is whispering that He loves me very much.” Later on when she saw me, she ran over and asked if I needed some more praying. You know I said yes. She was a five-year-old prayer warrior who led the adults around her to trust God on a deeper level.
We collected about 50 prayer requests. Diane Allen and I had the privilege of lifting them up to God in the sanctuary that night. Some were for healing, some finances, some relationships and some to know God better. God promises that where two or more are gathered in His name, there He is in our midst; and there were about 700 gathered in His name that night. He was right there with us. All ages recognized His love and generosity and presence. Thank you everyone for your precious servant hearts, and for being the hands and feet and voices of the Living God. He was reflected in your actions, prayers, and faces that night at the Free For All.

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