From Pastor Gregg

From Pastor Gregg

We’ve had a great summer. A lot of activities and new faces.

I am glad to see our youth coming around Caleb and the support he’s getting. The month of September looks like a great month! Journey begins on September 9th. If you have not enrolled to take the Journey classes yet please do so. Whether you are a member or new to First Baptist, we certainly would like for you to go through Journey. It’s a four-week class on who we are and what we believe as a family at First Baptist. Terry Bryant and Connie Hensley do a terrific job team teaching this class. Also, on September 14, 15, and 16, the annual Ladies Retreat is being held in Gatlinburg. This is a great time for the ladies of our church to have a get-away time together and enjoy the sisterhood. If you haven’t signed up the deadline is Sunday, September 2nd. You can use a special icon that has been set up on our church app to register if you choose.

I want to commend Glenn Toney and Sue Wright for the work they do in leading us in worship each Sunday.

The music is passionate and worshipful. I want to thank all the volunteers who helped with the KBC Conference. It was well attended and the classes were very helpful. As a pastor to see how our people step up and help is such an encouragement. It truly is a sign of a healthy growing church. There will be a Beth Moore Simulcast on Saturday, September 22. This is a good day for our ladies to come and hear some great inspirational teaching. Sharon Kidd is the contact for this event.

It’s a wonderful time to be part of the First family. We see new faces all the time. Please make every effort to reach out to these new faces and let them know they are welcome. Encourage them to fill out a connection card and drop it off at the Connections Desk and receive their free gift. I want to thank Duff Holcomb and her team for the ministry they are providing each Sunday at the Connections Desk.
I want to thank each one who has given to help our media department to update its video and camera equipment. It has been such an enhancement to our worship experience and the quality of our services presentation.
Blessings, and keep praying. God is on the move.

Pastor Gregg

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