Spiritual Formation

On August 21, the “EQUIP” conference from the Kentucky Baptists arrived at our church with very helpful classes and workshops for “improvement in the overall health” of First Baptist.

Several of our folks found some very good ideas for their area of service and joined together for a sharing of the wealth meeting on Sunday night August 26. The following ideas came from the sessions they attended. Assimilation: It is imperative that our guests, especially first time visitors, immediately feel welcome and cared for as soon as they come onto our church campus. Ideas for the first week after the first visit were men-tioned and noted for use with those who filled out Connect Cards.

Church Security: One very good suggestion was to put into place and train for procedures in the case of trauma in a health related situation, a fire, or other event that would need immediate attention.
Revitalization: There are appropriate ways and pace for adding helpful strategies to meet needs. Prayer and awareness of the Holy Spirit’s leading can bring us into alignment with God’s gentle guidance, as we meet together to agree on new and simple ideas to put into place.

Sunday School for Adult Teachers: Being a Sunday School class that welcomes and looks for new folks to invite is the Christlike way to grow a class. Caring for their members can be stepped up with assigning “group captains” and “shepherds.” There was also some good guidance in the workshop for Children’s Ministry and Kim Smith passed out wise counsel from her notes to the children’s workers.

Here is the advice Paul gave to the Philippians Church 2000 years ago. It still applies today. “I thank my God every time I think of you…being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Paul was assuring them of their worth and value to himself and to Christ. As we all join hands and hearts to move forward with God’s work here at First Baptist, He will bless us and all who come through our doors. Blessings and thanks to you all.

Sharon Kidd

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