From Glenn (November)

I’m having a difficult time concentrating today… here it is Tuesday and people are STILL talking
about Sunday! We are witnesses folks, to the goodness, greatness and generosity of God Himself! The Holy Spirit has moved on the hearts of this church in such way that the ONLY explanation is God – God did this! But, He accomplished it through His children by changing hearts, attitudes, perspectives, and personal views about money.
It took some time, but I believe God spoke through every word that came out of Pastor Gregg’s
mouth over the past 3-4 weeks because it was God’s word to begin with, not Gregg’s! It’s the same
thing with our money. ALL of it is really His, and He wants us to talk to Him about how we give it, save it, and invest it. If we are obedient to His direction and strive to be generous, we will be a blessing and He will bless!
Linda and I have talked and prayed about this and we want to be generous, cheerful givers to
God. You see, none of us really gave to Heart For The House, we gave to Jesus… and that’s waaay
more important.

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