From Pastor Gregg (April)

This month we will celebrate EASTER! What a day! When we look at the meaning of this special event we are filled with immeasurable hope. I trust all of you who can will join us on April 21 and bring your friends and family. This is one service that people usually don’t miss.

When Christ died it looked like evil had triumphed and that death had won over life. But God is never beaten nor out maneuvered. He had a plan and a decree that He established in heaven and all was going according to plan. The cross did not wreck God’s plan – it was God’s plan!

In a day that, again, looks like evil is winning and that good is losing ground, it is easy to lose hope. But remember, God has a plan! Take hope! It may feel like Friday, when the world grew dark, but the sun of Easter morning is about to break and with it Christ will once again show Himself strong and mighty on behalf of those who love Him and have put their trust and faith in Him.

The light of the empty tomb has never shown brighter and has never been dimmed. So, remember that whatever darkness you now face it is only temporary. God has promised and He cannot lie! Have faith in God. There is a brighter day coming!

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