From Sue Wright

Dear Church Family,
FBC has been in my life, all of my life. I’ve been blessed to be a choir member, lead children’s choirs, take part in the Passion Play, and then lead this amazing group of singers for most of 2018.
I told Pastor Gregg that I would help out with the adult choir for six months – but God had a different and better idea! It has been a joy for me to see new choir members come in and quickly become part of our group. It’s been fun to get to know Glenn better, and then Tracy Schumann comes along as an answer to my prayers!
Roger and I will continue to be involved in our church, and we will also have the freedom to be away when our children need our help.
I love what God has done in my life in recent months, but just as much, what He’s done in our church.
Sue Wright

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