Prayer List – July

If you have something you’d like the church to pray about, contact the church office and we will share your prayer request in the email prayer list. Also, if you’d like to be added to the email list, just let us know.

Office: 864-4194


This month’s prayer list:

Adley Gaines (Cousin of Chris Huff)

Ann House

Bobbie Mills Messer (Cousin of Joyce Cobb)

Brody Hammack (2 year old with leukemia)

Carol Deweese (Friend of Jeannie Bowling)

Carol Schenkenfelder (Friend of the church)

Charlotte Fields (Friend of Regina Armstrong)

Darel Hignite

Debra Steelman

Dennis Woods

Ellen Callebs (Mother of Gene Calelbs)

Fred Hignite (Brother of Darrel Hignite

Greg Duncum

Greg Mitchell (Nephew of Yuvonne Crook)

Haydon Hacker (Cousin of Susan Owens)

Jared Witt (Friend of Sherry Osborne)

Helen Shoptaw

Joe Arnette (Friend of Jeannie Bowling)

John Oakes (Friend of Leslie Snyder)

Johnny Reynolds (Cousin of Rebecca Webster)

Larry Snyder (Cousin of Mark Snyder)

Lindsay Sharp (Friend of Duff Holcomb)

Lynn Barton

Margaret Woods (Mother of Dennis Woods)

Mary Lynn Dunning (Sister of Mark Bowling)

Molly Mize Akers (Niece of Jerri Collett)

Norman Stockdale (Brother of Yuvonne Crook)

Owen Vice

Patrick Reid (Nephew of Carol Miller)

Phylis Brockman

Preston Adams (3 year old with leukemia)

Roy Elmore (Friend of Sherry Osborne)

Sherry Osborne

Tommie Lynn Gray (Friend of Duff Holcomb)

Wayne Fugate (Brother of Ken Fugate)

Wilma Hurley (Mother of Tiffany Hurley)

Pray for those who are grieving: Carol Duvall at the loss of her mother; The Family of Zora Mae Young; The Family of Betty Breeding; Glenn Cobb at the loss of his brother-in-law; David Westerfield at the loss of his brother; Ryan Reece at the loss of his brother; The Family of Harry Brockman: Stan Owens at the loss of his brother; Linda McClure at the loss  of her father; Randy Rodgers at the loss of his father; The Family of Mike Perkins; The Family of Bert Taylor; The Family of Everett “Jay” Chadwell; Bob Myers at the loss of his mother; Regina Armstrong at the loss of her brother; Chris Huff at the loss of her father; Greene Keith at the loss of his sister; Don White at the loss of his mother; The Family of Richard Morgan; The family of Joan Brown; The family of Betty Dotson; Angie McCowan at the loss of her brother;Tina Jones at the loss of her grandmother; Bob Kidd at the loss of his cousin.

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